Monday, March 13, 2006

Well, Now I Know!

Okay, you have to read my blog from yesterday to understand why this link posted today out of Billy Mernit's cyber rat pile is so hysterically pee-in-your-pants funny to me. I think I may have even cracked a rib --

Indeed, artistic ability may have evolved as a form of mating display, a courtship technique to attract partners. In his 2001 book The Mating Mind, Geoffrey Miller argued that intellectual and artistic ability were a form of human plumage, designed to entice sexual partners. “Come up and see my etchings” may be a central statement in human evolution.

I have no argument with that statement or anything in the article, but I just got through talking about how poorly I, ahem, performed. Wa! Ha! Ha! So, the reason I didn't sing well this weekend was because I wasn't horny enough? Well, now I know to eat oysters and green M&M's before I sing again! And, to quote that great philospher of Saturday morning cartoons, GI Joe, "Knowing is half the battle".

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Anonymous said...

it's the Yellow M&Ms (or is that for men? maybe that's my prroblem!) which explains why I want to go shopping for shoes instead of getting naked and watching The Sopranos