Sunday, March 26, 2006

Got No Strings

Sure, the rest of you have been wireless for years, but I'm anti-gadget and anti clutter. Really. I don't even own an electric can opener. I hate clutter on my countertops and wouldn't even have a microwave if it weren't for kids and frozen pizza. I hate clutter anywhere in my house or office. I can't even sleep at night if there are dishes in the sink or a basket of unfolded clothes on the dryer.

So, how is that my computer armoire is a death trap of wires, cables, and interfaces? I regularly dust, unplug, replug, rearrange, stack, sort and combine until the armoire is a tidy and functional part of the room but within a day or so, I'm shuffling through the kids' speakers, earphones, digital cameras, and PSP's again just to reach my blank CD's. Even though wads of cords may be as unavoidable in life as missing socks, something had to be done before I lost my ever-lovin' marbles.

And, you're thinking "lady, get the kids their own 'puters." No. All that would do is create three MORE wads of cords and electronics and I don't work that way. We have a family computer in the middle of the house that the three boys share. It has internet access and parental controls -- the kind of parental controls where parents can see what kids are doing from the hallway, the den, kitchen, or the patio window. I know whether they are IM'ng friends or doing homework. The setup actually works better than a bedroom computer for all night Halo parties on XBox Live, too. But, it isn't so great for an adult who wants to write, balance bank statements, or participate in online courses.

So, I added a wireless router and now I don't even have to leave my sofa to check an online dictionary, verify a fact, or use the internet for research. Life is good. Well, as long as the fire marshall doesn't stop by.

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