Thursday, March 09, 2006

Simple, Write a Movie

Confession -- in the eighth grade, I wore a bright green Shaun Cassidy t-shirt with black pants and knee boots. Yeah, I was hot. Okay, I couldn't even type that with a straight face and now my mother board is smoking. Stop that! Well, at least it wasn't lightening.

Anyway, that green shirt is in a box in the shed because it is the only shirt from my youth that my kids refuse to sleep in. Wonder why? My sixteen year is old is pretty chapped that he isn't allowed to wear my Journey concert t-shirt. Kids. Doesn't he know it's sacred? Doesn't he know that Steve Perry could have been his father? Doesn't he know -- ? Actually, it's a good thing he doesn't.

Anyhoooo ---

AOL's TV Tattler posted an interview with Shaun Cassidy that discusses his success with Invasion and how the teen idol turned executive producer had been asked to guest judge on American Idol. He said 'no'.

"My whole take on the music business is, it seems to be the most populated by people who really are fly-by-night. The music business is a tough business to be an artist in and it's very difficult, especially now, to have a career."

Then when asked about his future plans --

"Next year, I think I might write a movie, which is something I haven't done."

Okay now, it just looks bad because of the order in which his interview comments were placed in the article, right? Surely he's not saying he thinks writing movies is easier than a singing career. Plus, he says he hasn't tried writing a movie yet, so no, no, no. That is not at all what he meant.

Shaun Cassidy works with television writers. He's not flippant about screenwriting. He can't be. He just can't! Besides, his comment about the difficulty of a music career was in response to a question about whether he'd encourage his kids to audition for American Idol. The comment about writing a movie was about his own career. Yeah, that's it.

Hmm. Gotta wax my pickup later. Is it okay to use a green shirt as a chamois?


deepstructure said...

well call me surprised. i had no idea shaun had moved into producing television!

however, have you seen his imdb entry? the first category? writer. with numerous television episode credits.

so he's not exactly a newbie writer...

The Moviequill said...

maybe he'll do a cross polination of Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew (Tarantino style!)

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Clearly, there is more to Shaun Cassidy then I thought. I don't keep up with television much. I don't write for television primarily because most of it requires a sense of humor and I misplace mine too frequently.

Until I read this Script Pimp thing and remembered the green shirt in the shed, I hadn't given Shaun Cassidy a fleeting thought since eighth grade. Not only did I not know Cassidy wrote for television, I didn't know he executive produced Invasions.

I may be guilty of assuming most teen idols go by the way of Leif Garrett. Shame on me. Shame! Shame! Shame! Then again, I may just not watch enough television. I've never seen a single show listed on Cassidy's writer credits.

Kind of sorry he dislikes AI so much. Would be interesting to see him guest judge since he hasn't sung in what...25 years?

BTW, go Mandisa!!!

MaryAn Batchellor said...

argh... more "than" I thought... not "then"...hate it when I do that.

Alicia said...

I confess - I recall a very specific night when my father's then-girlfriend, future 2nd ex-wife, send me to bed before Hardy Boys aired. I don't think I remember a cry jag that was so impassioned.

Now - I say BUFF AWAY!