Friday, March 31, 2006

Finding the Romance (Part 1)

Great Golf Shoes at Amazingly Low Prices - That's the title of the Rom Com I started outlining this morning at about two-ish. Yeah, it hurts. But I came up with it about the same time I figured out that not only am I hurting in the ROM department, but I've got serious COM issues, too.

Title sucks, doesn't it? Well, so does self discovery! Cripes. This little Rom Com exercise is giving me hives. Wait. Can you get crabs from LOOKING at somebody? Just wondering cuz that sleazy American Idol contestant, Bucky (rhymes with garbage trucky), was on t.v. about the time I started itching. He may be a very nice boy but there's just something inherently dirty about the guy. He looked all the filthier when they showed his picture next to that breathtakingly beautiful, perfectly ladylike, squeaky clean, every mother's dream, Katherine McPhee, which rhymes with sweat-pea by the way. Funny how that works.

So, where was I? Oh, yes, my self imposed Rom Com exercise. So, rather than botch up the completed screenplay that lacks any chemistry between my primary characters, I decided to learn chemistry FIRST before I try to spice it up, not only by watching Rom Coms and observing human behavior (and yeah, I'll do the music, fragrance, and flirting exercise recommended by uberpossom), but also by trying to write a Rom Com. Don't laugh. I'm a drama writer -- that wasn't a joke.

My inspiration? Garbage trucky, sweat pea, and a golfer I dated in high school. Love the idea so far. Of course, I need appropriate names. I'd like to borrow a name from an exchange student I once knew -- Dickie Deutschbag -- but he was studying to be a lawyer and might sue me. Of course, the obvious joke here is that it wouldn't be the first time a writer had been sue'd by some Deutschbag.

Yeah, I know. I still have to find the funny. One thing at a time. First, I gotta find the romance.

Terry Rossio's Rom Com Rulez


Douglas Cootey said...

Wow, I can't see Bucky with Katharine. He seems sooo out of her element. But maybe now that she was in the bottom three she'll be more humble and give guys like Bucky a second glance? :) Obviously, I can't see your Rom Com working because I don't know the golfer. Please tell me he ends up with the girl, because Bucky ending up with Katharine isn't funny, it's tragic. :)

Anonymous said...

just a heads up, thanks for stopping by my MySpace page but over there it is just week old cut/paste jobs from my main Moviequill Blog so if you'd like to add me to your blogroll, it would be cool

mernitman said...

...just make sure they've got interlocking needs (beyond the obvious erotic ones), at least one opposing want, add water and...

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Billy, I bought the book and will wait to ask exactly what "interlocking" needs are until after it arrives in the mail and I've read it. You'll autograph it, of course, the next time we meet? Er, first time we meet?