Friday, March 17, 2006

Dear Dawn, AFF Blog

Dawn Wiercinski, Austin Film Festival's Screenplay Competition Director, has a blog on the AFF Site. A recent "thank you for visiting" form email says:

In the coming weeks the column will expand from questions about our competition to more general questions about writing screenplays. From writer's block to guild registration and beyond, "Dear Dawn" will draw on our expert Festival staff, panelists, and industry contacts to cover every aspect of screenwriting. Of course your questions about the Screenplay Competition are always welcome. Based on the responses I've seen so far, there are many of you out there with questions about how to become better screenwriters and I'm happy to help get some answers from the people who know.
I met Dawn when I was a volunteer at the Austin Film Festival. I don't know how they get all the pieces to fall into place without leaving bits of themselves all over the place but somehow the AFF staff pull it off every year.

This might be a good blog to keep an eye on although the AFF website isn't always current. For now, the "Dear Dawn" questions appear to come in by email, not by open posting. Meanwhile the AFF Blog is rocking right along.

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