Saturday, March 18, 2006

Hobbits On Stage

More difficult than it was for me to imagine relegating a mammoth book like Les Miserables to the confines of a stage, Lord of the Rings is due to open in Toronto on March 23. Not a good comparison says you? Of course not, says I, but what is there that could possibly compare to a $24 million stage production of middle earth?

If reports are accurate that LOTR moved from London to Canada for lack of a large enough stage, then I'm wondering how it will open in London next fall. Something tells me it was more about the $3 million in assistance from the Ontario government than logistics of the theatre. Even so, how many stages compare in size to the Princess of Wales Theatre?

Broadway, the aforelinked article states, will likely not see LOTR on stage for many years so for now, our only opportunity to see LOTR is in the ancetorial home of my grandfather. Hmm. It's been five years since my last trip to Ontario and my cousins are long overdue a visit.

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