Friday, January 20, 2006

TV Theme Meme

Don't know who started it but Dave tagged me and the meme is for top ten favorite TV themes. Only ten? Geez. The only ones on the list I know for sure are in the correct order are numbers one and two. The rest tie for third.

(3) Lone Ranger
(3) Twilight Zone
(3) Hawaii 5-0
(3) Mission Impossible
(3) My Three Sons
(3) Lost in Space
(3) Speed Racer
(3) Batman
(2) Gilligan's Island

I'm not tagging anyone because I still remember how grouchy those old men used to get when I knocked on their doors selling Girl Scout cookies after they had just bought band candy from somebody else. Fun Joel's meme is still hitting a few stragglers and I'm not one to wear out my welcome.


mernitman said...

Please don't tag me, but I'd nominate SPACE GHOST, and while we're at it, BUFFY.

chris soth said...



Anyone mentioned The Adams Family yet?

Anonymous said...

what bout' Rambo?
heard they're making another one.

Stallone was great but

..emphasis on the was. Will probably be waaay too pc..

Bill Cunningham said...

Jonny Quest...

Cowboy Bebop (link on my blog profile - check it out for ohsojazzygoodness!)

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Excellent, Bill! Best clip on a blog yet!

Dave Olden said...

My Three Sons! I forgot about those tapping feet! Classic!

And Jonny, how could I forget Jonny?

(by the by, it was Michael over at started this. Julie O and myself were the first to be tagged.)


Lance Mannion said...

Good list, except that MI belongs at number 1. The Ranger, after all, stole his theme from William Tell.

I'd add The Munsters and The Addams Family.

Rockford Files.

Hillstreet Blues.


I'd put MASH here, but I'm not sure it counts because they used the movie theme. Re-arranged though, so maybe...


These aren't in any prefered order.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Nope. Underdog is number one. Hands down. However, I agree that Hill Street Blues should be on the list. Ashamed that I overlooked that one since I could do a whole top ten list just of Mike Post! Your others, while very familiar and likeable and on almost everyone else's list, don't make mine because... well, it's my list!