Wednesday, January 11, 2006

People's Choice Awards

Okay, so I commented on the Critics' Choice Awards, I guess comments about the 32nd Annual People's Choice Awards (Butts in the Seats Popularity Contest) are somewhat obligatory. Just locate any Associated Press feed for a list of winners and the accompanying photo of Ellen Degeneres filming the audience as she receives her award. I won't be inventorying winners here. But boy, oh boy, oh boy! What a ride and there's no shortage of other things to comment on.

My greatest annoyances of the night:

(1) Those insulting Crest Best Smile, Nice 'n Easy Favorite Hair and Olay Total Effects Awards. Good grief. Once again, my advertising background says "this is a good thing" but the consumer in me says, "great way to make each and every award handed out look like a sticker from the dentist's office."

(2) George Lopez - Dude, you forgot to insult your mother. But that's okay, you persecuted a woman who just separated from her husband and almost made her cry even though she had just seduced the entire audience so I guess it all evens out.

(3) Ray Romano - Bullying your kids to come onto the stage didn't make you look like father of the year.

(4) Only heard two recipients acknowledge the writers.

(5) Craig Ferguson. It just didn't work. Enough said.

Most amusing parts of the program to me:

(1) The high school pep rally environment was more fun than the stiff awards shows and it made the time go by faster.

(2) Harrison Ford is looking more and more like George Lucas.

(3) Johnny Depp's acceptance via satellite. The guy is sharp and he's very well spoken when he wants to be. Last night, he was ill at ease (probably intentionally - he is, after all, an actor) and it was endearing.

(4) Peace Out! - Oh, yay, hippie cliches are "in" again.

(5) Sandra Bullock's near wardrobe malfunction when she leaned over to brush hands with fans in the pit.

(6) Jennifer Garner, via satellite, wearing a giant black blanket disguised as a dress which was probably designed to hide baby weight.

(7) Ellen videotaping the audience. Another endearing moment, silly as it was. She was unrehearsed and appealed to the regular folk. There's a quiet genius about her that way. Don't know much about her program, but geez, she won the popularity contest over Oprah!

--- and the Batchellor Award goes to ---

(8) Angus T. Jones - Ray Romano dragged the Two and a Half Men star out of the audience after Ray's own kids dissed him. When Romano made a remark to the effect of "what's better than working with me?", Angus' quick unscripted reply was "working with Charlie Sheen".

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Anonymous said...

Can't stand most comedies myself. Central focus is on the stupidity of most men, the hotness of most women, inevitability of having a family and the absolute must of romantic bliss. Depressing.

Johnny Depp is great.