Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Critics' Choice Awards

Did we all watch this? Did any of us watch this? No, I don't mean that scene from Crash. I'm talking about the Broadcast Film Critics Association's 11th annual Critics' Choice Awards that aired last night where presenter after presenter read teleprompter comments along the lines of "for the last three, four, or six years, the Critic's Choice in this category has also won the Oscar". Although carefully worded, eventually it began to smack of "as the Critics' Choice goes, so follows the Oscar so get your speech ready if you win". I think I would have been a little peaved if I were a voting member of the Academy.

You can catch up on who won what some place else (try www.theenvelope.latimes.com). What I want to point out are some of the things that were said.

Writer-director Paul Haggis accepted the trophy for best screenplay and said, "We never thought we'd get this movie made." He also commented that he and Bobby Moresco initially didn't think the screenplay was a movie or even a screenplay. Interesting that the little voice of doubt does not discriminate, but visits professionals and amateurs alike.

Amy Adams, who shared her Best Supporting Actress win with Michelle Williams, was the night's small films cheerleader saying, "Can you believe we made this for less than a million dollars?" and "Any of you out there who has a small movie to make, I'm telling you: Do it!" Gee, Amy, thanks, I'll be dropping by later so you can read my little Indy prequels to June Bug entitled April Showers and May Flowers. (that's a joke, people)

While I'm highly UNqualified to make any Oscar predictions and I'm certainly not suggesting that Brokeback Mountain didn't deserve the awards it received last night, I genuinely would like to see Crash get the Oscar for best picture, not just because I think it IS the best picture, but also to disprove the "as the Critic's Choice goes, so goes the Oscar" theory.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

I noticed how they were sayiong all that Oscar stuff, too. Pretty annoying.

It also bothers me that when one person (or movie) starts to win stuff it sorta automatically has to win everything. It's like, they all just vote on it following the buzz/other awards.

Like Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I like him a lot as an actor, but I think he's been better before and other guys that will be in his category will be more deserving, but he'll probably win it.

Alicia said...
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Alicia said...

I agree with Patrick. I feel, sometimes, that excellent performances get usurped by the need to honor someone for a body of work. Morgan Freeman's overlooked performances in Driving Miss Daisy and Shawshank come to mind here...

If they wait too long, they'll have to honor PSH with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Only then will he start receiving the coveted statue. Spielberg's Thalberg Award comes to mind here.

I also agree with MaryAn. I loved the script for Crash. Every moment was engaging and powerful. I was scintillated and exhausted after that film. Those kinds of "film orgasms" (if you pardon the expression) are rare. I feel, though, that I would have had a similar reaction had I only read it. I think there is something in that story that, sadly, connects with every one of us. It makes you question yourself and your judgement, somehow. I respect the screenwriter that can write such a story (also read John Patrick Shanley's Doubt). I enjoy Paul Haggis' work and will be happy if he and Bobby Moresco win the Oscar.

Regarding Brokeback, I feel that film is more of an experience. The story is harrowing and the screenplay fleshes it out well, all the while remaining true to the prose. However, when delivered with its beautiful cinematography, haunting score and intricate performances I feel it's a strong contender. I would also be happy if Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana won - but that is because Brokeback is my personal favorite.

Who knows what will happen. Oscar has surprised me before...

Anonymous said...

I done tagged you for the Screenwriter's Meme going around

MaryAn Batchellor said...

oooh! I've been tagged? Cool!

cinefille said...

I would love it if "Crash" was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, let alone won. I would also like to see "Match Point" be a contender. But "Brokeback Mountain" will most likely be the winner. This year's Oscar race is shaping out to be interesting to say the least.

I think the main issue with the award season is that there are so many award shows these days. Before there was only the Academy Awards to look foward to. The Golden Globes came about 10 years later (that's a guesstimate). The Oscars this year won't be until March, long after the GG, SAG, DGA, WGA, PGA etc. The hype dies down by the time Oscar roles around.

I also think that before the stars had larger than life personas. Nowadays we know so much about the personal lives of celebrities, that the attention can take away from achievements.

Most people find the award season to be a mundane process. Sadly, even I believe that sometimes and I LOVE this time of the year.