Monday, January 16, 2006

My Dirty Mouth

My comment on a blog was censored. Nope. It's nobody you know.

I related a story about how, on an eighth grade field trip, a young brown haired dimpled faced girl (who shall remain nameless) decided that the prominently carved marble genitalia of a particularly large statue was a good place to hang her empty Twinkie wrapper and my comment was blocked for questionable material.

That was a relevant story with valuable metaphoric connotations. What were those valuable metaphoric connotations? I don't remember. I am too busy laughing hysterically that I, me, this person in front of you, the person whose blog you are reading, the person who nary pens or speaks a foul word ever, GOT CENSORED!

To quote Ted and Terry (not Jack Sparrow cuz he didn't write these words, he only spoke them), "Funny ol' world, ain't it?"


christopher said...

welcome to the club! although many members maintain their innocence, i cannot. i do however claim it was self-defense!

oneslackmartian said...

hahahha. oh, my ribs hurt from laughing. No, I can't imagine MaryAn getting censored. Many of the rest of us, sure, but we are lower on the food chain.


Anonymous said...

could you reprint the exchange here in your blog, complete with the said censored comment?... cause like I want to laugh again

Anonymous said...

i have a comment, but it might qualify for the censors!! ::grins::

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Well, come on! There was no garbage can where we could throw our Ding Dong and Ho-Ho wrappers away! Yeah, the sign said "no food or drinks in the museum" but I'm a shortie and it was posted eight feet over my near sighted head and besides, the poor guy looked... um ... cold.