Sunday, January 22, 2006

Back to Screenwriting

Sooner or later I really must get refocused on addressing screenwriting on this blog. The original purpose of the blog was to force me to process screenwriting issues in writing because unless it's written down, we only retain about three percent of what enters our brains. You see, it's really all about how I can use this blog to improve my own screenwriting, critical thinking skills, and thought regurgitation.

Some may ask then, "why does it have to be posted on the scribosphere for all the world to see?". Accountability, of course. I'm an accountability kind of gal. If I knew that nobody else would ever read what I put to paper, I'd be less concerned about accuracy, logic, application, and value. As it is, my blog counter says that I get about forty unique visitors a day. That's forty opportunities to make an utter fool out of myself in public.

Was that a collective laugh I just heard? Yeah, okay, so I don't have a lot of readers but hey, if I know even ONE person is going to read what I write, I'm likely to process my thoughts more thoroughly than if I write something down in my journal and shove it under my bed.

So, okay, gonna get back to screenwriting... right after I finish editing the draft I'm working on because I'm trying to read it with fresh eyes. I don't want to focus too much on technical issues this pass. I want to look at the overall presentation of the story. But as soon as I get through this, then my blog will focus on screenwriting stuff again.

Well, except that there's another really cool meme that I just read on Kung Fu Monkey and I really must participate. I must. The challenge is to explain America to a non-American by giving them 10 movies to watch. The idea is to give the viewer of sense of who we are, not to give them the history of America.

I like this challenge, but it will take me some time to think about because there is a vast difference between who I am (or, at least think I am) and who America is (or how I perceive it, anyway). and I've got to differentiate the two.

So yeah, as soon as I do the latest meme, finish this read, register my latest screenplay, and finish up the outline I'm working on, I'll get back to blogging about screenwriting.


oneslackmartian said...

Interesting sounding meme. Must check it out.

Unique visitor #34

The Moviequill said...

I look at my blog as a way of networking, keeping in touch with fellow scribes so that one day if I 'make it' I can perhaps shed some assistance, and then again if I don't 'make it', hopefully somebody will buy the drinks

One.Day.Past.Dead said...

Regurgitation and accounting -- I'm doing it all the damn time it seems. You got me thinking and that's a good reason for public exposure.