Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pirate Code Over DaVinci Code

Keep to the Code or kick it to the curb?

According to Los Angeles Business from bizjournals, readers participating in an informal Los Angeles Business survey have declared that "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" will be the top grossing movie of the summer.

(cue Meg Ryan) YES! YES! YES!

Sure, we can make a survey say anything we want depending on when, where, and what demographic we poll, but remember that Entertainment Weekly poll that chapped me? No? Well, it was a list of the most anticipated movies of the summer and it stuck POTC2 at number seven below that cheesy -- well, just look!

(1) The Da Vinci Code
(2) Superman Returns
(3) Snakes on a Plane
(4) X Men, The Last Stand
(5) The Break Up
(6) Little Miss Sunshine
(7) Pirates of the Caribbean 2
(8) The Devil Wears Prada
(9) Cars
(10) Clerks 2

Okay, so it's not exactly scientific to poll only people who take the time to respond to an online questionnaire, but the point is that 39% of the somebodies somewhere think like I do -- that POTC fans will push Dead Man's Chest to the top.

My personal most anticipated list --
(1) Dead Man's Chest
(2) Snakes on a Plane
(3) Superman Returns
(4) XMen


Systemaddict said...

I think that Snakes will start big...but probably won't maintain. From what I've seen (my best mate is a supporting lead)...its a watch once...even with the hype.

If Dead Man is even remotely as good as the first, expect a lot of repeat views. x-3 reviews will probably hurt it...but any fan of the comics will no doubt watch it, I just don't think it'll bring in anyone fringe to comics...

Superman however, will.
And if cars holds to true pixar form- It'll be top 5.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

XMen just opened and all three of my sons have already seen it with various groups of friends. The grown son saw it at a preview late Thursday and went back to watch it again last night. He's the same one who never ougrew Superman. Wonder if they'd sell him a season pass to Superman Returns and me one for POTC2.

Anonymous said...

MaryAn ~ i have to give XMen III one outta five stars. then again, im pretty harsh when it comes to action flicks.

can't wait fer Superman as its set in later in the character's life. Dead Man's Chest looks a lil too similar to the first, in the trailer..but will prolly watch it anyways.

a pal told me Ghostrider is coming soon, starring..::grinz:: Nicholas Cage!!

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Haven't seen XMen yet -- one star. Disappointing. I, too, am not quick to throw out stars so I bet I wind up agreeing with you. But then, I'm not the target audience. My boys have all seen it twice and opening weekend isn't even over.

Anonymous said...

I heard Ghost Rider is done and not coming until winter (problems)... also, as everyone knows Pirates 3 is filming now, but did you also know the studio and Mr Depp have ageed to a fourth even now...

Anonymous said...

MaryAn ~ sheesh!!!!!

MI3 wasnt too bad though. the camera angles during some scenes looked like they were shot by an amateur, but the storyline is first rate *if u ignore the gratitious Chinese actress*

Moviequill ~ a 4th, huh??
hope they got enou' material..