Saturday, May 13, 2006

Austin Film Festival

If you haven't already entered the screenplay competition, early deadline is Monday. Save yourself ten bucks. Or, get it in by June 1st and pay $50. It's just two weeks. Mail it now. You can still make it to the post office if you hurry. Seriously. Stop reading this. Run!

For everyone else, the AFF still needs volunteers to work the conference October 19th - 22nd. I actually have done this and it's good experience. Plus, you get to fetch coffee for Shane Black and help David Franzoni find the men's room.


Jesse said...

Oh, darn, I've been so out of the loop that I've missed all the screenwriting comps this year. But that's ok, I'll hold off until I can really be sure that this screenplay is good enough to go. But that said, I'd kill to work as an assistant on any film festival in the states, it's fun enough to just be around the place.

Fade Up said...

Your post rattled loose a memory of mine from one of my visits to the great Austin Film Fest. It was a hoot: