Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Heel, Toe, Away We Go

Technorati has this nifty feature that identifies blogs that have linked to yours. Naturally, if a blog worthy of reading links to mine, the polite thing to do is reciprocate. It's kind of like a giant square dance where we all allemande left or right through web logs until we stop at one. Then, bow to someone you don't know, take that hand and dosado! Of course, not everyone wants to dosado.

At this moment, Technorati identifies forty one links to my blog. It was forty two but Olaf wimped out -- that's another story and you'll have to go to Konrad's blog for the details of Olaf's demise. But, forty one! Cool! Wannabe screenwriters are enjoying my blog! Screenwriting blogs are becoming a valuable resource for me and maybe my own blog is helpful to someone else. Blogging works.

Or, does it?

These are the two most recent links to my blog--

Gasoline Cards With Bad Credit
Women Seeking Married Men
I'd post their links to demonstrate how insanely stupid it is to tie gasoline credit cards to this Nicholl post or homewrecking harlots to this Rom Com post but I don't want to dosado with those losers. However, it looks like there actually are a few more screenwriting bloggers I need to dance with. So, time to add to my links.


Anonymous said...

what search term do you use to find out the links? I am curious about my own

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Go to and log in with your account (or create one and claim your blog if you haven't already). Click on "blogs". It will give you a screen called "Your Blogs" and midpage under the title of your blog it will have a rank and the number of links to your site from the number of sites in parenthesis. Click on the parenthesis and it will list every site and link that goes to yours.