Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Brief departure from screenwriting. Sorry.

Last week, it was unthinkable but tonight, front runner and rocker, Chris Daughtry, was voted off American Idol. Doubtless, Chris has an extraordinary career in front of him so it's difficult to feel too badly for him but it was a shock, especially when you factor in the inconsistencies of the three remaining contestants.

Taylor has extraordinary entertainment value in a Bob Seger doing Steve Martin doing King Tut kind of way. His very presence demands that you smile and like him, but Taylor falls short on vocals and away from the cameras where nobody can see his Bob Dylan twitch or funky chicken knees, he won't be as entertaining.

Katherine has the most powerful and mature vocals of the final four and the kind of beauty that makes men write sonnets. But she's not very versatile or entertaining and shines primarily doing standards, ballads, & classics. She will certainly find a comfortable Barbara Streisand kind of career and that ain't too shabby.

Elliott is maturing as a singer and an entertainer but until last night, I thought almost every week was his last.

With Chris and Mandisa both gone now, there's no longer a reason for me to watch the show. But whatever Chris eventually records, I'll buy. I loved his "Higher Ground" and "Renegade" and even his "Suspicious Minds". He has an amazing future and winning Idol isn't always a golden ticket anyway. Reuben who?


gizmorox said...

I agree; he's been my fave since day one. I almost fell out of my chair when Metroboy announced it. He'll have a great career, but that still doesn't make me happy that Katherine and her horrid Hound Dog made it through.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

American Idol, you are dead to me.

Cherie Burbach said...

You won't watch it at all anymore? I swore I wasn't going to when Bo Bice lost to CU but then... I got sucked in... I just did.