Friday, May 12, 2006

Chris Daughtry - Keep Me Close

Chris Daughtry -- So, will he be the new lead singer for Fuel or launch a solo career? Who cares, as long as somebody throws open the floodgates and gives me the privilage of handing over outrageous amounts of money for a steady stream of new releases. Seriously, somebody take my money and give me Chris. Think this guy is just another glorified flash in the pansy Idol performer? Yeah, I said pansy. Take a listen to Keep Me Close by Chris' pre-idol band. He's the real thing.

And, to you sore losers, knock it off!

Rumors are circulating that many fans got a different Idol wannabe's thank you message when they called in to vote for Chris, leading them to believe that there was some kind of phone foul-up. Shut up! Chris is out of his Idol contract in three months. Don't ruin it for him by making them bring Chris back on a technicality. Idol probably would have made him record watered down Karaoke crap anyway.

Take off your mourning black, the tragedy here is not for Chris, but for American Idol. They now have to glorify and promote a winner who, despite unique talent, will widely be considered a weaker link and upstart to the throne.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see a category for drama/horror at AFF so sadly I have to pass

Dave said...

I have to wonder if he won't be better off as well. I suspect he has all the attention he needed to get a career in music (which was the whole point of the contest, right?).

MaryAn Batchellor said...

I suppose exposure is, indeed, the goal of the contestants. Obviously, making money is the goal of the producers and I have to wonder if the departure of the front runner will be a ratings burp and if Simon thinks he can make the kind of money off any of the other three that he could have made with Chris.