Sunday, April 23, 2006

Da Vinci Over Superman?

Okay, I'm no expert but Entertainment Weekly has apparently confused "most anticipated" with "most publicized" and "the most popular stars are in it" and while I rarely give a rat's butt about what entertainment "experts" say, this is just so outrageous that it's funny.

Is it just me? Or, do you see something askew on this list of the most highly anticipated summer movies?

(1) The Da Vinci Code
(2) Superman Returns
(3) Snakes on a Plane
(4) X Men, The Last Stand
(5) The Break Up
(6) Little Miss Sunshine
(7) Pirates of the Caribbean 2
(8) The Devil Wears Prada
(9) Cars
(10) Clerks 2

Nobody is going to convince me, despite the obscene sales of the book, that Da Vinci is more highly anticipated than Superman Returns. I must, therefore, conclude that exit polls included Borders and public libraries. Da Vinci Code is certainly highly publicized, but more anticipated than Superman? Pfffft.

And who, in their sane and unmedicated mind put Little Miss Sunshine and The Break Up ahead of Dead Man's Chest in order of anticipation? What rock have they been under for the past three years? Okay, it's Steve Carell and Vince Vaughn. Big fleshy deal. Fans have been waiting for more ghosts, skellies, and pirates since 2003. Pirate fever is all over the internet, clothing shops, renaissance festivals, books, videos, and even schools and I don't think it's because of Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball that we have a national Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I don't know the exact order this list should be in, but for me personally Superman, Pirates and Snakes are the top three with X Men fourth and Da Vinci in my Netflix queue.


Systemaddict said...

clearly its a matter of personal opinion...which seems to be the basis in such magazines, or more clearly...who's paying the most advertizing funds.

I will probably see 8 of the 10 films on that list...but I fail to see what is really 'anticipated'....I'd say superman, x-men, pirates top the list...all have a huge previous fan base...but then agian, I suppose so does Da vinci-- but I personally believe De vinci will rely more on reviews that the previous 3 I mentioned.

Those films, people will go to see...regardless of reviews (assuming they liked the previous franchises)...where as Da vinci is a fairly targeted demographic imho.

And I'd say, Pirates goes at the top...

MaryAn Batchellor said...

I agree - Pirates is top for me. I'm extendng my time in LA in July so I can go stand around at the premiere! Where will it be? I dunno. I'll worry about that on July 7th.

Shaun said...

Love your blog! :) Added it to my bookmarks...

** Shaun **
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Fun Joel said...

Actually, among the populace, I do believe Da Vinci is probably ahead of Superman in terms of anticipation. In fact, I'd ask you to take a poll of coworkers and the like. I bet many of them don't even know (yet) that Superman is coming out this summer. So of course publicity plays into it as well, but I think it is accurate.

Now, in terms of Pirates, I'd say that definitely must come before Sunshine and the Break Up. So I'll agree with you there. :-)

But as I said, do a poll and see.

Mot said...

I read Da Vinci Code, and have been anticipating the movie for a long time. Didn't realize there was a new Superman movie, but can't wait for Pirates!!!

Milehimama said...

Didn't realize there was a new Superman movie? This has been in the works for years! Even had a post ConAir Nic Cage attached at one point.
Although Opie's PR machine is formidable - if they SAY it's anticipated, then it IS! Even if Tom Hanks has bad hair in the movie!

gizmorox said...

Nothing could top Superman in terms of my anticipation, followed closely by Pirates. Because a girl can't get enough of Johnny in eyeliner. XMen I'd put in third just because I'm curious if the new director will screw it up. Little Miss Sunshine looks adorable and the rest I probably won't bother with at all. The trailers for The Da Vinci Code have pretty much cemented my opinion that it's bound to suck. However, I can see why it tops the list, because not everyone reads Variety; it's something that's well known with the general populace, and they've been advertising it for a year already.

Anonymous said...

Snakes on a plane, mutherfuckah has been my new curse word since the global news spread... my wife wants to kill me now

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Yeah, I miss Josh now that he doesn't blog as much -- in a perfect stranger codependancy on his words kind of way.

taZ said...

Nah, I think Da Vinci is higher than Superman. But Pirates, Clerks 2 and Cars should absolutely be in the 5-7 places...