Sunday, June 18, 2006

What Lies Beneath . . .

. . . three gleaming white teeth are mangled tentacles of torture and disease that must be disemboweled and supplanted with synthetic rods.


. . . the dentist's sympathetic smile is the heart of a coward who won't touch those deceptive shiny white teeth because his patient is running a high fever, trembling uncontrollably and mumbling "find a happy place, find a happy place" and instead of offering this pitiable patient solace, refers the quivering cry-baby to an endodontic specialist.

Thanks, pal. May I please have drugs now?

. . . the calendar of the endodontic specialist is an obscure credo designed to teach new patients a lesson about waiting until the last bearable moment to see a dentist by making them wait until the last survivable moment to give them an appointment.

A week? You expect me to live a week on milkshakes? Do you have ANY inkling how much weight I'll gain by NOT being able to eat?

. . . the introspective blog of a screenwriting wannabe is the stifled scream of a woman in torment who has waited nine days for relief since the loss of a filling that alerted the dentist to what lies beneath -- a creeping destruction slowly eating away at those sparkling white and seemingly normal teeth.

For mercy's sake, please -- if you love me, kill me -- or refill my meds.


ECHenry said...

What doesn't kill ya, can only make you stronger... Of cource you have to LIVE through this to say those, and those who DIED through the ordeal don't have to worry about being stronger anymore.

If the dentist doesn't give you some pill, kick him in the shin, when he's got you in the chair.

- E.C. Henry in Bonney Lake, WA

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Saw the endodontic doctor this morning. She looks about twelve years old. Truth. Says she's 35. Still built like I was at 16.

Normally, I would hate women like that but she is personable, non-threatening and seems to know what she's doing. I can trust this gal. But her dental assistant almost killed me using X-Ray film the size of my fist, cutting my gums with the film, trying to duplicate my pain (why?), and testing my teeth with cold.

Glad I'm on serious drugs.

Cavities you can't see that go right to the root. Who'd have thought.....

The Moviequill said...

the last time I was at the dentist I was in so much pain... they tried the needle in the gums, then the electodes, then the demerol, then the gas... the dentist was beside himself wondering why I was in so much pain for just a cleaning and cavity... finally, just before I passed out he asked 'we've tried everything to get rid of your pain, I don't know what to do'... move your knee, move your knee, I gasped