Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nicholl Status Letter

Got an email from Greg Beal today that confirmed my entry into the Nicholl Fellowship competition. Did everyone get this or was it just the applicants who entered online?

I'm a little puzzled because the email says "thus far" there are 4891 entries. Thus far? The deadline for entering has passed. Wonder what he means by "thus far"? Somebody get on Wordplay and post that question, will ya? Greg Beal lurks around there and usually gives thoughtful replies.

Last year, it seems like the number of entries was over 6800 so I certainly wouldn't complain if there are 2000 fewer competitors. The letter says first round judging should be done by the end of July and we should get a report around August 1st.


Chesher Cat said...

:-) I guess you didn't read your May 31st post. :-)

Anonymous said...

nope, no email for me (I sent it all in Hard Copy) but they cashed my check so I know they got it. Aug huh? Damn, I was hoping to hear something in July before I hit the pools in Vegas... I hate drinking margaritas on a nervous stomach

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Just pondering the odds, Deb, and don't get me wrong, I took it hard last year that I didn't get the top ten percent in the Nicholl or the next 100. So, the May 31st post applies to me as much as anyone else who occasionally succumbs to the emotional side of my brain.

Brett said...

Greg Beal never writes me. I'm sure he'll try to justify that hateful treatment by referring to the many rude, unflattering, nasty, and insulting things I say to him in Austin every year, but I know better: he's just an uncaring bastard who dresses funny and can't parallel park for shit.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

But does he sit on his wallet when the check comes? THAT's the important thing!

Cynthia said...

I received a similar email. I guess entries could still be trickling in postmarked 5/1. ?? That'd really be snail mail.

Eddie said...

Sent my entry in by mail. Haven't heard anything yet and was wondering about it when I was mailing an entry into a June contest. I think everyone(online or snail mail) is supposed to receive confirmation.

Good luck.