Sunday, June 04, 2006

Burning Ears

Amazing thing, this internet stuff. Shortly after I posted heartfelt accolades for Doing It For Money, I got a thank you post from Daryl G. Nickens who edited the book. Got an email from Jim Mercurio after reposting his article, Everything I Needed to Know About Screenwriting, I Learned from Watching American Idol -- well, maybe. Who knows. It could have been George Clooney. And, Lee Goldberg always seems to know when I mention his name.

How does that happen? How do writers find bloggers talking about them? And, how far can I take this "if you blog it, they will come" idea?

Let's see --

Stephen King! Stephen King! Stephen King!

Alrighty then, he should be emailing me shortly to see if I'll work with him on his latest project. Naturally, Frank Darabont will pitch a fit if he doesn't get to write the screenplay so -- just to keep the peace -- I guess I'll let Frank collaborate provided Frank lets me work on Farenheit 451 with him. See? I'm a give and take kind of gal.

Okie doke -- waiting -- waiting --

Shut up! I am NOT on drugs! Wait -- do Flintstone vitamins count?

Meanwhile, I really need somebody with Bowling For Soup to grant me use of one of their songs for a video short so if any of you know anyone with Bowling For Soup connections, I need a contact person with a propensity for saying 'yes'.

Yikes! Just remembered! Gotta mow my back lot for Spielberg's plane.

Oh, and go Mavs!

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Anonymous said...

last weekend the wife dumped me off at Borders and I read the entire Doing It For Money book, it was great,