Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Great Caesar's Ghost!

And that about sums up my review of Superman Returns.

Oh sure, I could recount the story, the moving moments, impressive performances, delivery of dialogue, great sound, amazing cinematography and heart palpitating special effects -- but so will everyone else.

Instead, I'd rather mention how, as the Superman Returns title appeared on the screen, heralded by John Williams' signature theme and greeted with wild cheers and applause from an interactive audience of super-nerds predisposed to love this movie no matter what, I forgot all about:

* the obese guy rolling onto my drink holder
* the kid kicking my chair
* the putrid smell from vomit or old cheese under my seat
* the urine bag hanging on the wheelchair in front of me
* the eight teens I brought with me
* the $94.50 I spent on tickets
This movie made a joy out of what should have been a horrific cinema experience. See this film. I'm going back for seconds. But I may bring a pee bag of my own. It's a two and a half hour film and I'm not wasting one moment of Superman Returns in the ladies' room.


ECHenry said...

Funny discription of your experience going to the movies, MarryAnn. Wow, you must have gone durring senior citzens discount night.

Probably wont go see "Superman Returns" or "The Pirates of the Carabean II". Neither really have a strong appeal to me especially after watcthing that dreadfull "X-Men III" movie that came out last month.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

MaryAn Batchellor said...

No, EC, not senior night. It was "sneak preview" night where all the DC nerds were out in droves.

No matter, I loved every minute of that film -- no complaints but two observations - Lois Lane could have been cast better and John Ottman's music was acceptable, but it didn't send that thrill, suspense, or adrenaline through my spine the way John Williams' portion of the score does. But that's not fair because who can compare to Williams?

My main movies this summer are POTC2, Superman Returns and Snakes on a Plane -- not that thrilled about the rest. Still haven't seen XMen. Meant to, but just haven't been motivated. I figure it's bad news when even my 16 year old says the storyline was hurting. Will wait to see it on Netflix.

Georgi Rimsakov said...

I fear you have fallen prey to Dvd disease. I, too, am loyal sufferer of this dreaded curse. It involves going to cinema and suddenly realising that although you have paid arm and leg for ticket, you cannot listen to director commentary, watch the film's trailers or view a special feature 'making of the movie'.

But fear not, there is cure. Wait until you buy movie on the dvd, then to get real taste of cinema, get some schoolchildren to sit behind you and kick your seat, spread cheesy vomit around your feet -it will be your own cinema experience at home! Try it.

Anonymous said...

'* the obese guy rolling onto my drink holder
* the kid kicking my chair
* the putrid smell from vomit or old cheese under my seat
* the urine bag hanging on the wheelchair in front of me'

I get this with Blockbuster rentals at home... wait for it.... snare drum!.... there it is

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Been beat up a lot today and I soooooooo needed this smile, Todd. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I too suffer from DVD disease. Why do people talk during movies? They are going to have to start handing out headphones. Also I think I saw the lone gunmen at the X-Men screening.

And another problem: The two video stores near me have issues. Or, actually, I have issues with them.

The first one is Video Americain- ( AWESOME but far too high-quality to rent silly fare like Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. I would die of embarrassment first. If you're ever in Baltimore, check out the Video Americain on St. Paul- although the one on Cold Spring was in Serial Mom, the selection is more mainstream. When the most popular movie is Happiness, that is a special place.

The second is Blockbuster. Perfect for those mind-numbing, silly movies, right? Except the people that work there are dumb. And I don't mean slow, or special. I mean can't use the register, talk really strangely (and are from this country, yes) can't make change, YELL at each other, driving me crazy- dumb. I am normally a patient person but I can't even go in there.

Thank God I have a roommate!!