Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Answered Nicholl Question

Greg Beal posted this response on Zoetrope regarding my question about the confirmation email that said "thus far" --

The all time record for a slow arriving script was (I think) June 24 for a package mailed on April 23 from Portland, Oregon. As Daniel mentioned, foreign entries often take several weeks to arrive.

We also have a small pile of problem scripts -- application form not signed, collaborator application form not included, etc. Those aren't included in the count until the problem has been solved. I think we're at 4893 right now.

We are sending an email confirmation about 6 or so weeks after a script arrived. The new system caused us to be much slower in entering data and much slower in getting checks off to our accounting office. Sorry for that. Thanks for putting up with the inconvenience. Regular mail confirmations will also be sent to those without an email address, but I do not think we have sent any of those yet.

There has been a major learning curve on our end with the new application system.

We expect to send congratulations and regret letters via regular mail (but that could change) prior to August 1.

We hope to meet that deadline again this year, but if any year offers the possibility of us being a little late this is it.

How great is that? Despite the enormous number of entries in the Nicholl and the allegations that he dresses funny and can't parallel park (Brett), Greg Beal takes time to lurk on boards and give thoughtful detailed replies to random questions. Works for me.

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Anonymous said...

I got my email confirmation last night but they got the name of my script wrong, a typo I am hoping because I triple checked and it is correct on the submission form and pdf... only me this happens to