Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sewing Analogy Part Deus

Christmas Eve Eve Eve and I think I'm all sewn out. I've made some lovely quilts and blankets as gifts for friends and family but geez, it's time to get back to writing. However, now I have to wrap all these gifts and tie lovely bows on them.

Is there anything more pointless and mundane than wrapping gifts?

Can't I just wrap these blankies in newspaper with a card that says, "Merry Christmas, dear friend or family member, I love you, as proven by the twelve hours it took me to make this mediocre blanket that wouldn't bring more than $50 on eBay or $75 at the flea market so please don't bother trying to sell it and please don't look too closely at my stitches"?

You're right. The printer's ink would stain the fabric.

Funny how I can only sew so much before it becomes a chore and I don't enjoy it any more. Same thing with screenwriting. My brain has to take a break after weeks of nearly nonstop writing. The difference is that when I'm sewing (or gardening), I'm still sorting out screenplay elements as I work. While I'm writing, I'm not sewing a stitch.

Next analogy? How screenwriting is like gardening. Hmm. Uh, yeah. Yippee. Doesn't that make ya wanna rush right back here?

By the way, I still don't see a box under my tree that looks like that $2000 sewing machine in an afore-written post. Anybody?

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Anonymous said...

my dad used to wrap my presents in plain brown paper bags...