Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm a Butterfly, I'm a Size 3, I'm a Screenwriter

Ever just get sick to death of those "positive thinking" people? It's not that I think positive thinking is bad. It's not. Bad is negative. Positive is... well, it's positive!

The problem with positive thinking is that it is not a substitute for hard work, improvement, and corrective measures and I am truly sick to death of motivational speakers who make it sound like it is. Positive thinking alone is worth squat!

I can say that I'm a butterfly all day and I can believe it, too, if I want to. But when I try to take flight off the top off the Plaza of the Americas, all the positive thinking in the world will not prevent the resulting splatter and puddle of crushed bones.

It's that time of the year when we, women, have just spent weeks at the mall surrounded by seventeen year old pencil thin hotties. I can say I'm a size three and I can believe it, but that won't change the fact that nothing but my wrist will fit into those size three jeans.

Now, with some positive thinking, diet correction, hard work, endurance, and exercise, I could be a size three again. So, let's assume I am a size three. No, I haven't been there since I was eight years old but that is not the point. My scenario, so I'm a size three. The trouble is that positive thinking and hard work won't change the fact that I'm still 43 years old and now that I'm a size three, my collar bones stick out, my face is sagging and I get carpet burns every time I pulled my bra off. Not good. I don't want to be a size three!

Okay, now the last one. I'm a screenwriter. You know what? I am. Really. I'm not a produced screenwriter, but I am a screenwriter... a very good one, but not a great one.

I've written five screenplays. Of those five, only one is ready to show anyone. One is still in first draft form and three are undergoing complete rewrites because I was obtuse enough to think at one point in time that they were actually finished. They aren't.

I've got potential. But I'm not a great screenwriter yet and no amount of positive thinking will get me there without hard work.

Hmm. Obtuse. That reminds me. I think I'm late for my exercise class. No, I'm positive!

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Guyot said...

I think you're simplifying the point. Saying I'm a butterfly all day isn't positive thinking, it's insanity.

Saying you're a size 3 if you're not isn't positive thinking, it's lying.

Positive thinking isn't "I'm a screenwriter".

Positive thinking IS "I know I can do this".

In other news... nice blog. :)