Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Putting Dreams on Paper

Know what this is? At first glance, it looks like a hundred other houses you've seen with grass, sky, fluffy clouds and a big yellow sun. But this is not a typical house.

This is a bed and breakfast designed by my eleven year old. Yup. He has decided that he wants to open a bed and breakfast when he's older. Funny thing is I didn't even know he'd ever heard of a bed and breakfast until he showed me his design.

Not being the connoisseur of eleven year old art that I am, you most likely missed the wood blinds in the windows and the carriage lights on the porch. Those little trees are crepe myrtles because they are his Mommy's favorite tree second only to the Magnolia tree which, coincidentally, sports that lovely tire swing.

Kids are remarkable teachers. They're unafraid to dream and they boldly proclaim those dreams. Why is dreaming acceptable, charming, and encouraged in children but something we are embarrassed and reluctant to do as adults?

Well, gee, my peers may think I'm a kook if I tell them I quit working in local government to write movies, especially if I've never been to film school, don't know anyone in the industry and have no concrete reason to think I'll ever actually sell one of my screenplays. And yet, like my little boy, I have dreams.

Ya think a blog about screenwriting is the same as a drawing of a bed and breakfast?

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