Monday, November 07, 2005

Only a Writer Could Love

Can you imagine snuggling up with this little bugger on the sofa? Yikes! Few people probably appreciate this guy's value as a pet. But somebody loves him. His owner enters him every year in the ugliest dog contest and he has won three times in a row. He's probably a great pet.

If a writer is the only one who loves his story, does that mean it's not a very good story or could it be that the story is just one not easily appreciated? And, if the writer knows he's the only one who will appreciate his story, does that mean he shouldn't write it?

Writers aren't wired that way. We have to write the story in our heads and give our stories the same tender loving care this hideous beast gets. Maybe somebody else will snuggle up with my darlin' some day and appreciate it for the art I'm certain that it is. Then, again, maybe I've written an ugly dog with a face that only a mother could love.


Annabel said...

Great point!

kristen said...

that poor, poor puppy!