Saturday, March 24, 2007

Inland Empire at AFI Dallas Tonight

David Lynch's first movie in five years is shot on digital video and is three hours long. Since its debut at the New York Film Festival in October, the jagged narrative of Inland Empire has been called everything from an incoherent jigsaw that teases the audience into thinking it has the answers (Twin Peaks, anyone?) to Lynch's Sunset Boulevard. But what critics do seem to agree on is Laura Dern's indescribable performance in an inexplicable film.

Well, if that's that not vague enough for ya, I don't know what is.

Interesting screenwriting note: rumor has it that David Lynch wrote each scene of Inland Empire just before shooting it. Supposedly, all he had was a basic idea of what he wanted to do in the movie and wrote it as he went. This, I gotta see.

APPEARING: David Lynch, director, and star Laura Dern. The evening includes a presentation of the AFI DALLAS Star Award to David Lynch and Laura Dern.

THE FILM: In Inland Empire, an actress becomes deeply entrenched in a role when she learns that the script is a remake of a movie that was never finished because the two original leads were murdered.

WHEN & WHERE: Centerpiece Screening, Saturday March 24, 7:00pm, The Magnolia, 3699 McKinney Ave. [Map] Get there early. Tickets are $20 and the line begins at 5:30pm so it's possible, you won't get in at all. Good news, though. Encore performance at 11:00pm for $8.50.

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Anonymous said...

I'd still be intterested even though Lynch's Mullholland Falls is my alltime worst movie ever made top honoree

Anonymous said...

I guess you must be referring to Mulholland of the best films ever made, imo.