Monday, March 26, 2007

10 Items or Less at AFI Dallas

Job, family, rehearsals, performances, and the unexpected death of a friend have me so rattled that bottom line -- this is the only film that I can't miss. Yeah, I know. I'm pathetic. All this stuff going on at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival in my own back yard and this is the only MUST SEE for me. Everything else is gravy and I don't know how much gravy I can fit in during the work week.

Life happens at the most inconvenient times.

As I've mentioned many times before, I am a fan of few. Morgan Freeman is one of those few. It's no secret that many a screenwriter hears Freeman's distinct voice in their heads as they create. I am one such screenwriter. Everybody has something for him to read. I am also convinced that when I die, the voice of God I hear pronouncing judgement upon me will either sound like Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones.

Perhaps it's plain foolishness on my part, but I don't plan to pepper the men's room with copies of my screenplays or chase this man down at all. I only want to see this film and hear what he and Brad Silberling have to say about it. I'm fascinated by the film's simplicity and want to know how much of Morgan Freeman, the man, was written into Morgan Freeman, the character, in 10 Items or Less.

Tickets are only sold at the door and there's a good chance I won't get in at all. There's an awful thought.

APPEARING: Morgan Freeman, star and executive producer, and Brad Silberling, writer and director.

THE FILM: In 10 Items or Less, Morgan Freeman, playing an unnamed movie star remarkably like Morgan Freeman, is stranded at a supermarket while researching an upcoming role. Accustomed to being pampered, he doesn’t even know his own home phone number. In need of a ride, he turns to Scarlet, a crackerjack cashier. Under director Brad Silberling’s guidance, 10 Items or Less becomes an inspired buddy movie full of entertaining moments.

WHEN & WHERE: Saturday March 31, 4:30pm, The Magnolia, 3699 McKinney Ave. [Map]

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Moviequill said...

wow, I never even heard of this one, a must-see for sure... good luck on getting in, I want you to

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Seeing the film isn't the problem. I can see it on Cstar for $7.99 if I don't get in. This is the film that Morgan Freeman and Intel launched Cstar with, the site that I think you were originally going to be able to see opening day films on the same day the opened in theaters. Not sure how all that is going and would like to know. I'll have to look that up. Anyway, the film is also already for sale on Amazon. It's getting to see the great Mr. Freeman and hear what he and the Mr. Silberling have to say that I don't want to miss.