Saturday, March 31, 2007

Standing in the Ten Items Line

So the irony of me wanting so desperately to hear Morgan Freeman and Brad Silberling at the screening of 10 Items or Less is that the only way I had a shot at getting in was by standing in a very long line and hoping somebody would pluck me out of the line because I look like a rich film hottie or relative of Morgan Freeman.

I look like neither.

This film has been oversold since day two. DOH! I'm not the only one who didn't get in. I can always see the film on Cstar or buy it from Amazon, but that's not the point. I wanted to hear what Morgan Freeman and Brad Silberling had to say.

Had I purchased the festival pass that would guarantee me the primo screenings, I'd have missed most of them due to three funerals and my work, rehearsal and performance schedule this week. So, I opted to buy individual film tickets instead of blowing a lot of money and consequently missed out on the one film I wanted to see the most.

That's life. Or, in this case, death.

Mortality sucks.

Saw some other stuff.

Remembered to vote.

Then I stopped on the way home to pick up Happy Feet and stood in -- you guessed it -- the express lane, wondering why store owners insist on putting signs up that say "10 Items or Less" when they should read "10 Items or Fewer".

Even pouting, I'm still editing!

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Mystery Man said...

I got into an argument with a writer friend when I told him the express line should be "10 Items or Fewer." Maybe a month later, I noticed that the store actually started changing the signs. They must've gotten letters, I guess.

No matter. I was RIGHT.


Hope you're doing well.