Monday, July 24, 2006

Try to Take Over the World!

Pinky and the Brain comes out on DVD tomorrow! I love these little guys. My favorite episode is about shiny pants. Seriously. They use shiny pants to try to take over the world! Of course, women already tried that in the 70's. We came close but our shiny pants, Farrah Fawcett hair and sequin bandeau tops were no match for Microsoft.

Also grabbing up the Animaniacs Season One DVD. My favorite episode? Potty Emergency. Hands down.

"I can't potty in there! It's digusting!"

Don't get it? So sorry. It's hysterical. Really.

Somewhere, someone is laughing.


Douglas Cootey said...

I never really got into Pinky and the Brain. My life didn't allow for it at the time. Same, too, the Animaniacs, but I was able to see some episodes so I can remember their zany brilliance.

I had heard that both shows were canceled because their demographics were skewed too high for their time slots. I think that means that not enough kids were watching the shows to be suckered by all the ads or that too many adults who didn't get suckered by the ads were watching the show. What have you heard?

MaryAn Batchellor said...

I really don't KNOW, but what I remember hearing and reading which may have since been disproved is that basically, both Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain had niche and time slot problems. Animaniacs was popular with adults but ran in kids' time slots. P&B, which was a spinoff of Animaniacs, began on Saturday mornings and ran into the same trouble. Seems like they may have tried one or both in a prime time spot to reach the adult demographic but it neither "felt" like a prime time animated series like the Simpsons. They felt like cartoons.

annabel said...

I love "Pinky and the Brain"! I will most definitely be purchasing a copy . . . But tonight, I will be doing the same thing I do every night, M Batchellor. Try to take over the world!