Monday, July 31, 2006

Mistakes on a Plane

In the category of "things learned the hard way" -- Hot Topic has some uber cool Snakes on a Plane t-shirts for $18 to $22 that scream, "No, you don't need a sack! Just stick your son's Southpark shoelaces in your purse, rip off your tank top and wear me out of the store!" Yeah, that's fun.

But if, while proudly strutting around the mall in your shameless film marketing attire that will eventually fade gray and wind up in a garage sale, you should get an unexpected call from your father to come pick him up at baggage claim C26 in 45 minutes, you might consider changing your shirt -- unless you actually WANT to chat with those few airport and homeland security personnel who have not, as yet, heard of the film. Oh, and did you know that shoelaces look like garden snakes an X-ray machine?

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