Thursday, June 14, 2007

Terry Rossio Confirmed for AFF

So now you simply must attend the Austin Film Festival. You can buy your badge online or by calling the AFF office at 1-800-310-FEST. Missed AFF last year because of new job and other commitments. Moving mountains this year if I have to.


Nick said...

I work as a videographer for one of the local news stations. I'm hoping I get to cover it this year. If not, I won;t be able to go -- monetary reasons.

Did I mention I am a videographer for a local news station?

MaryAn Batchellor said...

I went one year as a volunteer because I was new at screenwriting and didn't want to fork out the dough until I knew whether I was gonna really have a go at this or not. Met a lot of very cool people that year including Terry Rossio and it didn't cost me anything except gasoline. You might consider volunteering if you're on a budget.

Another idea... you might collaborate with a writer, get a press pass and do a freelance story.

Nick said...

I'm not opposed to the idea of volunteering, but that would involve taking time off of work. No pay from staedy job + No pay from temporary job = No gas to get to either job.

I'm planning on pressuring my News Director into getting me a pass.

Rochelle Smith said...

Hullo, Maryan, nice blog! (I found you via THE BIG WOO).

I'm attending Austin this year (for the first time) with my brothers. Maybe we'll run into each other!

Best of luck with Nicholl this year,