Saturday, June 09, 2007

Life Lessons and Surface Water Systems

While I'm frequently convinced that God is trying to get my attention in peculiar and unconventional ways (He's God, He doesn't post on my blog), my source of inspiration today comes from Chris Soth who actually quotes a Simpsons episode and says “Maybe there isn’t any lesson. Maybe this is just a bunch of stuff that happened.”

Chris gives us the benefit of his three years of therapy and reminds us that sometimes things just happen. It doesn't define you. In his case, a television left on too loud and one time too many. In mine, one too many careless remarks that I don't even recall making but cost me and made me look like a gossipy, mean-spirited person.

The thing is, Chris says, not to let these things send you into a downward spiral of rumination, moping and dark thoughts and shame. He's facing eviction and says "I'll move or work it out." Acting like you deserve it is a recipe for depression and who deserves to feel shame because they forgot to turn a television off?

That's good advice. Move or work it out.

In my job, I'm bombarded with complaints, problems and ethical dilemmas. There is nobody I can vent to and no direction in which I can blow off steam without looking like a bad person. Yet, there's only so much stress and anxiety the human mind can contain before spillage occurs just as there's only so much water the ground can absorb in a thunderstorm before runoff occurs.

Storm drains prevent floods.

I don't have a storm drain. Everyone needs storm drains. But, with my proclivity for talking, more than most people, I desperately need a storm drain.

Pop over and give Dave and Chris a word of encouragement.

They're experiencing some runoff.


Mike Scherer said...


Adversity! Seems to be on plenty of folk's minds lately.

Over at THE ROUGE WAVE, the Wave-inatrix talks (blogs?) about The Secrets of Dealing with Adversity. Well worth reading.

For my parting advice (as if you need it) is this: Adversity is inevitable, misery is optional.

Keep writing.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Thank you the kind comment and for stopping in!

Grubber said...

Appreciate the thought Maryan.
Things are looking better at present but long way to go.

What can you do with wayward parents :)