Thursday, February 23, 2006

Skill Versus Talent -- Again

Last December, I wrote a post about skill versus talent because my eleven year old son surprised me with newly discovered archery skills which reinforced my conviction that while certain skills can be taught and acquired, talent is something you're born with. Bold statement, I know and I've read hundreds of arguments that dispute it. But geez, this boy had never fired a bow until three months ago and tomorrow he competes in the Texas Field Archery Association's State Indoor Championship Tournament. It just comes naturally to him. My boys are all ball players and runners and musicians and artists, but archers? Who knew!


KRYPTO said...

cage's weatherman has a bizarre archery subplot and lots of expo about archery and its weird doesn't work fails miserably awful film but there's a scene where conrad opens cage's skull and lets you hear his thoughts as he stares at a girl's ass at a red light and it is just outlandishly awesome. Brilliant in its stupor. Free associative blather but excellent writing. Whats great about you is your willingness to exclaim, who knew? Thats faith --which like the wind you cant see it --but don't you feel it passing by? Dont miss out on who knew. Who knew you knew and when did you know it? (Joe McCarthy)

Slain said...

long time no see, MaryAn!!

skill plus talent = dangerous combo

i personally believe that people are just naturally good (and bad) @ certain things.

im one of them, and lets not forget interest + inclination! ;)