Thursday, February 09, 2006

Screenwriting Relationships Part 2

In case you haven't read my other blogs, (1) I am a fan of very few (don't have a single celebrity autograph), (2) I have stalker insurance (because you never know when somebody will decide your online photo is singing them love songs), (3) some of my phobias are wholly irrational (I don't care if King Kong is a love story), and (4) I'm highly skeptical of friendships formed online (that doesn't mean I don't have any).

Last year I befriended a producer when I queried her online, she read my work, and then called me for a two hour chat about life, humanity, and films that make a difference. Technically, that friendship was formed over the telephone. We exchange emails and love to chat about things that much of the rest of the world finds trite and trivial. For whatever reason, I never got around to mentioning my Monkoholism. Then she read Confessions of a Monkie Junkie and the jig was up.

Well, whadya know? She emailed me and said that an autographed photo of the object of my addiction is on its way. One of her best friends is Mary Goldberg who manages Tony Shalhoub whom I actually first fell in love with when I saw the movie, Polly. Moral of the story? Be mindful of what you write online. Don't be a doormat, but you never know if somebody reading your words may one day be a person whose opinion matters to you.


Grubber said...

Mary that Lee Goldberg's relative/wife/parole officer????

Sounds like you made a lovely friend there Maryan. Nicer than some that lurk online!

Anonymous said...

that's why it amazes me when Josh Friedman slams just about everyone on his blog

MaryAn Batchellor said...

I dunno, Dave. Guess I could ask.

Todd, outspoken-ness may be one of those things screenwriters don't monitor too closely once their talent is established. Kind of like a woman who eats like a bird in front of a date and then goes home and gobbles everything in the fridge. Once she knows the guy better and feels comfortable that a nasty little habit like EATING won't run him off, she may actually eat a meal with him.

Everyone eats. Everyone forms opinions. How much of each we do in front of an audience may depend, in part, on how secure we are with the audience.

Grubber said...

Hi Maryan,

No need to bother her, with such a trivial observation of mine. :) I thought it was just one of those great coincidences.


green said...

I first noticed Tony Shalhoub in Men in Black. His part is small, but funny...

Though I know I don't feel the same way you do about him....