Friday, September 10, 2010

This Is The Part Where We Blow Up!

Remember that? Buzz and Woody are strapped to a rocket and Woody thinks they're about to be blown to smithereens. And remember what Buzz Lightyear replies to Woody's wailing "this is the part where we blow up" line? NOT TODAY! Buzz has a plan. It's a great plan with a logical and attainable conclusion.

I need a Buzz Lightyear and instead I get the truth. What is the truth? Simply, that nobody will negate your anticipation of failure with a NOT TODAY and show you how to glide effortlessly from certain demise to your heart's desire. It just doesn't work that way.

Darn it.


E.C. Henry said...


I know you like Tery Rossio as a writer, but that linked column is designed to be a "dream squasher." Why do you bother reading such garbage?

Have a heart that open to good things happening, not one jaded by reports from people who are completly unwilling and have a vested interest in you not achieving your dreams.

Didn't read all of what Terry had to say, but he doesn't know what stories we're all capable of writing.

The hard part is access. Getting access to someone who can make your dream come true.

The truth of the matter is, you're probably closer to writing at Terry's level than Terry is comfortable admitting to. I've written stories that I consider BETER than him RIGHT NOW.

Point: have confidence in yourself. And remember, there's really not that big of difference between the Terry Rossio's of this world and you. They've just been discovered. They're in the castle. We're outside -- for now...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Thank you, Buzz Lightyear.

The point here was actually that I gotta get out and do this thing myself. Nobody can do it for me. I gotta do it. I don't want to walk in anyone else's moccasins but I cannot truthfully say I've done all the door knocking, networking, and selling myself it takes to get "discovered".

Sometimes my posts may come across as pessimistic and negative. I'm actually the nauseatingly up-beat cock-eyed optimist but my sarcasm and sardonism don't read that way in print.

As for TR, he's done more for wannabe screenwriters than most of the books and classes we could take. I adore him personally and professionally. He refuses to charge money for screenwriting advice so he won't write a book or even publish his columns other than on the web. He's brutally honest but understands the heart of the artist. And, he's insanely generous. Yup. Love that guy.

Grubber said...

I read that article a number of years ago and loved it.

I always saw it as very similar to what they do to the special forces in selection tests. Run them for 20km or so, have the truck waiting for them at the end, telling them they are going for a nice warm whower, etc and then the trucks take off just as they get to them.

The ones that lose it and stamp and curse are outed.

The ones that put their heads down and keep walking without complaint stay in and find the truck about a km down the road, ready to take them back for that warm shower.

Keep walking.....


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