Thursday, July 05, 2007

This Is Not a Water Park

Okay, so now it's a water park.

Troubling is the number of parents who would actually allow their kids to play here. Oh sure, it looks harmless enough but are there power lines beneath that slide? Is there a hidden undercurrent?

Children are being swept away while they play in flooded streets, rising creeks, and rushing culverts. Many are rescued. Many are not. Many parents are watching from from ten feet away because they didn't realize they gave little Johnny permission to go drown himself.

Thirteen people dead. Four still missing.


The storm impacted areas include 48,000 square miles from North Texas to the Rio Grande Valley, a section roughly the size of the state of Mississippi. We've got State disaster declarations on 44 Texas counties and Federal disaster declarations on six North Texas counties so far but still counting as we await word on five others.

The good news is that clear skies are supposedly on the way as are the National Guard. According to the Dallas Morning News, Governor Rick Perry has activated more than 250 Texas National Guard soldiers to help in emergency response efforts. Whee. More than 250, he says? For the size of Mississippi?

Yeah. That'll help.


Unk said...

Stay safe. We need you.


Sal said...

From one flood plain to another - my sympathies

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Who's up for writing Waterworld, the sequel? Can't do any more poorly at the box office than the first. . .

Grubber said...

Maryan, bite your tongue. Its not the box office but being subjected to a movie like that....and I am one that actually likes most mindless action movies just for those big bright explosions...keeps me entertained for hours....

Take care, hoping you and your fam are riding this out okay.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Aquawoman, then?

Grubber said...

I'm cool with Aquawoman -Jessica Alba - front runner anyone :) ?

She could be the first actor to play two different superheros...that begs the question...has any actor ever played two different super heroes(and not just good and evil versions of same one)? No-one springs to my mind, any ideas?