Monday, April 02, 2007

Morgan Freeman at AFI

This will conclude my AFI Dallas posts because (1) AFI is over (2) I'm no good at covering film festivals and (3) after Morgan Freeman, there's nothing left for me to say because I am just too in love with this guy as an artist and probably missed my one and only opportunity to see and hear him. (I gotta get better connections)

Interview Photos With Morgan Freeman - I wasn't witness to this interview, but Hudson Photographic has captured what I can only call pure enchantment. Hey, is that the Numa Numa guy on the left?

10 Items or Less With Morgan Freeman AFI Photos - The visually astute will notice that the first few photos are not Morgan Freeman. It's actually Joe Pantoliano. See that long dark haired girl pleading for an autograph in the last photo? No, that's not me but we could be twins if she grew a foot and I grew a smile. She stood in the 10 Items or Less line with me and we commiserated together when neither of us got in. I ran down Pantoliano for her because she was too shy to ask for his autograph. She appears to have overcome her nerves. Good for her.

Photos of Morgan Freeman Receiving Award from Senator Royce West - Have you ever been at the grocery store and seen an old bully from school and even though he'd forgotten you, YOU still remember him so you ducked behind the display of pork and beans and used the mirror in your compact to watch for him to leave the store? Although I'm heartsick that I missed this screening, maybe it's a good thing because although I haven't worked in this senator's district in ten years, I'm pretty sure I'd still be looking for the pork and beans.

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