Sunday, February 11, 2007

Of Mice and Men

The flu has spread through my office like the bubonic plague and while my coworkers scoff at my theory, I'm quite certain that we can lay credit at the claws of Mr. Jingles and his clan of disease carrying relatives.

You know those little electronic doo-hickies that plug into your wall socket and supposedly run high pitched sounds through the electric currents in the walls and deter mice? Well, I bought dozens of the Black and Decker kind and put them all over the second floor of our office building.

Each one covers a medium size room. There are four in my office.

Every time the assistant manager walks in, he complains about his ears ringing. Plus, the lights are flickering a lot. But no mice.


Enzio Pesta said...

I'm back and I missed you. I've been on haitus. Ok, so it was more like an extended stay at the sanitorium. If you got a sec, come by for a visit.

chris soth said...

Man, I got one of those, and I could totall hear it. We had a rat in the garage...and I could hear it in the house. Urban legend cure for rats:

Beat one rat to death w/a baseball bat, recording its cries on tape.

Play the tape once a year, you'll never have rats.

Or so they say.