Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Plunged Into Darkness

Friends, screenwriters, bloggers, lend me your eyes -- and tolerance for light and sound. It's happened again.

While doctors claim it's a recurring migraine or cluster headache, Sal, that voice of reason that lives inside my head, (not to be confused with Sol or Sal who now and then reply on this blog) says he knows for a fact that ferocious gremlins are setting off explosives inside my cranium and propelling rocket grenades against the backs of my eyes.

I'll be cowering in the darkness with a damp rag on my eyes until the cease fire.


Unknown Screenwriter said...


I can kill you off like that!

She SNAPS her fingers.

I'll just come back.

Sal leans back on a bed of solid air -- folds his hands behind his head.

You need me.

Like a hole in the head.


--Get well!


Sal said...

ugh, migraine, you have my sympathy!

re your comment on my blog, the thing with the personality clash was that nothing major happened - I bottled out of dealing with it, and I'm cross with myself for that, and I know I have to deal with it differently if there's a next time. The issue was someone on set who acted inappropriately, IMO - told people how to do their jobs, despite never having produced, directed, done make up, etc; commented on actors' performances; blocked my view of the monitor, butted in on conversations between the director and 1st AD having blocked me out of the conversation - and I'm the bloody producer!! But I knew this person would be leaving the set, so I decided to bide my time and bite my tongue rather than create a fuss which might have upset actors and crew. Maybe I did the right thing at the expense of my sanity, I don't know. What do you think?

Anyway, sorry for long ramble - hope you get better soon.

wcdixon said...

Again...find some Zomig.

mernitman said...

having been prone to them in the past i can only say MIGRAINES REALLY SUCK and as wc & others indicate: here's hoping you find the medication that works for you, ASAP.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Ah, that's it, WC. Zomig. Meant to ask the doctor for it today but couldn't remember what it was called. Will write it down this time.

You're a sweetheart, Billy. I'll be fine but every day in the dark takes three to catch up.

Unk, don't give Sal any ideas. At the moment, he's negotiating a drug free armistice. I'd hate to resort to demoral.

As for the other Sal, (not the one in my head) I understand where you're coming from with this know-it-all who has no experience -- not taking a his/her side, but I can't catch a football and yet once in a very long while, I can tell you better than the receiver whether his foot touched inside the line. Why? More objective and better view. Most of the time though, know-it-alls are just annoying pains in the backside.

moviequill said...

sorry to hear you have a mal le tete (my french sucks, even though my mom is french), get well soon, chum

MaryAn Batchellor said...

mal à la tête?

And, yeah, I'm better. Not rid of it, but better.

Why does everything in French sound dirty to me?