Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sticks and Stones

People can be nasty. I wish I could say I have not learned this first hand in dealing with friends, co-workers, other writers, neighbors, strangers, even people at my own church. It's in our natures. If you think differently from somebody else and have the backbone to express it in verbal or written form, you're opening yourself up to criticism. That's the way of the world and why writers are some of the most courageous people I know.

I am, however, Pollyanna enough to believe that professional courtesy is still king among writers and will reign at times when it matters the most but bottom line, if you're a writer, sooner or later some other writer will read you with scorn, jealousy, disdain, resentment or disgust. I just hope when it happens to me, it's not one of my idols.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tips for Know-It-All Screenwriters

Over at, the question comes up "What are some common mistakes that first-time screenwriters make?" I'm not sure what a "first-time" screenwriter is or who even answered the question. I don't even know what Quora is! But the reply is concise and it fits beginners, many unproduced writers and some of us wannabes that are just plain arrogant. I'm guilty of all six of these mistakes at one time or another, the last one recently:
  • The writer doesn't rewrite. Most first timers think their first draft is "good enough."
  • The writer doesn't listen to notes. Most first time writers aren't willing to listen to honest criticism. They just want to be told that their script is great. This is why most professional screenwriters refuse to read first time scribes.
  • The writer hopes his/her first screenplay will be a winner. It takes thousands of hours and years of hard work to learn the craft of screenwriting. Everyone's first screenplay...well, sucks. Have you heard a story of someone's first screenplay, one they dashed off in "21 days," selling for millions? Sure you have. Hollywood is full of stories
  • The CHARACTERS are weak. More than any other specific flaw, first time screenplays have weak, underdeveloped, ill-motivated characters. Protagonists are passive. Antagonists are cliches. Supporting characters have no complexity. It is difficult to see what any of the characters' objectives are or why we should care about them.
  • The stories lack TENSION. The first rule of screenwriting/filmmaking is "keep them in their seats." This means keeping the audience's attention, through the emotions of hope and fear, focused on what will happen in the future. Most first time screenplays get muddled and lose tension; and then the reader tosses the script aside, not caring how it will turn out in the end.
  • Too much focus on "idea" and not "execution." Most first time writers think they have a "brilliant idea for a movie" and take a half-assed shot at writing the screenplay. If there is one consistent lesson to be learned on Quora, whether about startups or screenwriting, it is that "your idea means nothing." This isn't exactly true, but it's mostly true.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nicholl Fellowship Early Deadline

When the clock strikes midnight, pages of woe and wonder will transform into billions of little numbers, "ones" and "zeros", and then convert into electric signals through LANS and modems and WiFi's and then become light -- infinite light -- which will then fly across the earth where it will morph back into electricity, back again into "ones" and "zeros", and arrive in final form as the words of woe and wonder on some reader's desk who holds YOUR dreams in his or her computer.
"Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done." Robert A. Heinlein
We can do this, people.