Friday, December 07, 2012

Eye of the Beholder's Camera

My Canon is low end beginner equipment so my pics are not hyperbole worthy. But, for me, chasing wildlife with a camera and taking fun pics around the house relieves some of life's stresses better than bicycling, smelling flowers, yoga, meditation or any kind of chi balancing exercise. Photography is also a nice break from writing when you've been at it several hours. So, if you need a break and don't have a camera, herewith I share with you some of my favorite photos. They are not photo-shopped or color-altered or edited in any way. Most of them aren't even cropped. These are raw images the way your eyes would see them if you were a digital camera.


Toby Crane said...

Sometimes I feel bad when animals, like this, are fenced in with nice fencing. Near Vancouver, they do a great job. Thanks for sharing this information. I appreciate it!

Sean Valjean said...

I love the pictures of the birds on the different fencing. Great shots.

Michael Jefferies said...

It would be the next best thing in world news should somebody create a environmentally friendly fence. Like say a fencing in Burnaby, only it hasn't happened yet. I can already imagine.