Saturday, June 05, 2010

RIP Mystery Man on Film

I'm hoping this a very poor joke or Mystery Man is retiring and thus killing off his pseudonym to sun on a beach and drink out of little cups with tiny umbrellas. But what I'm hearing is that Mystery Man on Film has died.

I "met"-ish Mystery Man on his first blog and spoke to him many times via email, this blog, and Triggerstreet. He was quick to encourage and even compliment but didn't hesitate to point out flaws and room for improvement. Mystery Man was intuitive. Learned a lot from him.

Here is a comment about Mystery Man's passing where Scott Myers also posts a conversation he had with Mystery Man eight months ago. His present blog is flashy and impressive and he's become a regular writer for Script Magazine. And, of course, he's on Twitter and he's here and he's -- well, he's just about everywhere screenwriters go for advice, reviews, and analysis.

Or, he was. I hope this is a mistake and I'll be taking this post down. Meanwhile, I'll end this sad news with Mystery Man's closing remarks in the latest issue of Script magazine.

I know writers love to know the "rules" and "formulas" and "principles" of writing, but truthfully, there are no great truths about writing. A great writer knows the pitfalls and takes a concept and creatively considers the most compelling way to tell that story - structure be damned.


Anonymous said...

Mysteryman didn't die. He's David Hayes. The "death" of that persona was handled very badly and he's alienated a lot of people who thought well of him prior to this stunt.

MaryAn Batchellor said...