Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mighty Pen - Part 2

Some days, I shudder at the lack of integrity I witness in people but most days, I think that I simply expect way too much. Today is not one of those days. Expecting new, or at least clean, 3D glasses, after forking over a fortune in tickets, is not unreasonable. Expecting the guy handing me the glasses to admit they had not been washed or sanitized instead of insisting I was looking at soap residue when I could clearly see the fingerprints and heaven only knows what else that was. Soda? Snot? Slobber?

Thank you, AMC, for treating me like a paranoid germaphobe.


Grubber said...

If he was smart, he would have said yes, there are fingerprints and whatnot on them but that is on the other side of the glasses, our 3d IS THAT GOOD!

Receptionist I worked with on Hamilton Island had a great method for handling complaints about cockroaches(those babies fly and they seemed to like the 10th + floor)....she would explain to the guest(normally foreign) they were coral beetles that had come ashore to spawn(sporn? help me out on this one, I didn't take biology)......please help them by just picking them up and moving them outside. Worked like a charm.

I sometimes miss hotels....

Hope you are well!
PS Happy Easter!

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Ha! Bright receptionist!!