Thursday, March 20, 2008

AFI Dallas 2008, March 27th - April 6th

I learned last year that the most featured and talked about films at AFI Dallas sell out advance tickets early. There are a few tickets left for this year's centerpiece film, Then She Found Me, but I shall have to stand in line and endure my fellow film-goers' beer breath and body odor in what they call a "rush line" if I want tickets for Battle in Seattle. Tickets are pricey so a film pass is the best way to go. I can't go that way. Life gets in my way. Crawford looks somewhat interesting but it may just be my morbidly curious city government background.

Then She Found Me
Directed By: Helen Hunt
Screenwriter: Helen Hunt, Vic Levin, Alice Arlen, based on the novel by Elinor Lipman

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