Friday, August 10, 2007

Interesting Nicholl Note

Greg Beal posted this on Zoetrope August 2nd --

"As we ran out of time this year, I was not able to place all of the notes on the bottom of letters that I normally do. Only the 'next 100 scripts' received notes. We are going to follow up with e-mails to the top 10% and top 15% groups, probably next week."

Haven't heard of anyone getting such email yet.


Rochelle Smith said...

Just to let you know, MaryAn, these emails do exist. I received one of them this morning.

Hope all is well with your schoolwork,


Cheryl Laughlin said...

got my email this 20%. a bump down from last yr's top 10% but i'll take any tiny encouragement possible. :]


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Ah, congrats to you both. I didn't doubt they would arrive because if Greg says it shall be so, then it shall be so, it was the WHEN and the WHO that had me curious.

Anonymous said...

Hi An.
I'm another anonymous one in the crowd trying to break in as a screenwriter-- or, more than that, as one who thinks he has got an interesting story to tell--
Alas, I've found out that's an incredible feat-- to tell an interesting story. Sometimes I feel glory shine upon some of the scenes I put down, sometimes I turn embarrassed re-reading what I've written-- How could a reader down that? I don't know. Sometimes I think the story I'm trying to tell does not belong with me-- it's out there-- in the deep darkness of space-- I think it's not really a question of to get past QF at Nicholl or not to-- Obviously that would be like a tiny crown, but I think the story is out there-- a rare butterfly. If you got the feeling you got it in your net-- even for a second-- then your feat is accomplished-- you've snatched the heart of the thing-- regardless of any reader in the world. That's something unspeakable between you and that obscure universe. If you get it, you are intimate to an incredible secret-- but I think that's really an incredible feat, to grasp even such a little crystal-- a valuable story to tell.
And, by the way, I'm going to submit early in January, this year-- Sorry for the long stupid comment-- never let you down by earthly things. Your story is above that (I think).